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Piano technique made super-simple

“Which finger do I use? Does my wrist go up or down? What do I do with my elbow?”

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What's so different about a mindful approach to piano?

This is the second article in a series discussing the benefits of mindfulness in piano lessons. See part 1.

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Mindfulness at the piano

My approach to piano playing is based on mindfulness. This is something I am often reluctant to mention, for two reasons:

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13 really bad reasons for learning piano

Learning an instrument is a lot of trouble, so you may as well have some good reasons. You know, positive reasons, intrinsic reasons, meaning that you are not doing them to please anyone else. Now, what happens when you pick reasons and they turn out to be less than ideal? Hmmm….

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Is it possible to play perfectly?

Do you want to play perfectly? Would there be an advantage to being perfect? (practice makes perfect)

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Why you can't play the right notes

Here’s an idea worth considering: while you are practicing, there are certain things you can do…and certain things maybe you can’t do.

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The one thing every beginning student should expect

When you first start learning a musical instrument, you are full of excitement and optimism. Your life will be so wonderful when you can finally play, you just know it.

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Is my child progressing fast enough on piano?

This is a question I hear quite often from parents.

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Instant gratification

A beginning adult student said to me:

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10 subtle signs you are NOT trusting yourself while practicing

Should you trust yourself while you practice? There might be some benefits. But, you will not even know how unless you pay attention to signs that it is not happening. To get you started, here's a list of ten such indications: Playing a wrong note twice, trying to fix it the second time. Trying to make sure you play the right dynamics, fingering, phrasing, etc. (you think you know what's so important, don't you?). Realizing you...

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