I can't teach you to play better

Can I help you play better? Not really. To play better, there are certain things you need to do.

  • Understand the difference between good playing and bad playing.
  • Chart out a course that will get you from bad playing to good playing.
  • ‎Be willing to follow that path.
  • ‎Spend whatever amount of time is required to take each step along that path.
  • ‎Find a way back on the path every time an obstacle appears.

This is a long path. How can I possibly guarantee you will travel any specific amount of distance on it?

The actual process of "piano playing" is not difficult to learn. You basically just start with easy pieces, figure out how to play them, pay attention to what happens as you are figuring it out, and then progress to harder pieces. Any method book will work for this purpose. Any collection of pieces.

This isn't going to be the challenge.

You will probably get discouraged at some point. You will stop paying attention to what's happening. Your mind will tell you "we're doing this wrong." Or, it will say "oh, I get it". You will get frustrated because what your teacher told you to do a couple weeks ago just isn't working anymore. You will try harder and harder. That's completely understandable.

But before you know it, you're off the path.

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