Piano lessons

Would you like to

  • discover how to overcome frustration, tension, fear, and doubt?
  • learn practice techniques that are fun, engaging, and get results?

My lessons are for students of all ages and levels who wish to learn to trust themselves, create a meaningful connection to the instrument, and unlock their full potential.

What I appreciate the most of Michael's lessons is his method. He invites you to approach practice not as a dreary task but as problem solving. I discovered the excitement that comes with overcoming musical difficulties. He supports you in bringing up your musical vitality to full potential. He teaches how to trust yourself.

Angela from Glastonbury

This is not more of the same you find in traditional music teaching. I will not blame you for your shortcomings, and we will work together to:

  • explore your abilities.
  • develop awareness.
  • neutralize self-judgment.
  • acquire completely effortless skill.

No matter your level of experience or innate talent, I am confident there is an artist inside you who is eager have a voice.


I can travel to your home, if you live in Simsbury, Avon, West Hartford, Farmington, Glastonbury, and nearby towns (in Connecticut).

Michael has a very patient approach with young students. My daughter was only 5 years old when we started taking lessons with him. His methods kept her interested and feeling accomplished while working through a simpler curriculum than my older daughter. He gave her plenty of time to learn and ask questions while having fun playing the piano.

Karen from Portland, CT

My influences

So you know what you're getting into, my influences include (in no particular order): my personal music practice, meditation/mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the Taubman Approach, yoga, Alexander Technique, my experiences with my students, the many teachers with whom I have studied, my training in science and math, and my own personal reflection. I have a feeling there is a valuable approach to music tangled up in there somewhere...maybe we'll discover it together.

Last updated: July 27, 2017, 7:48 p.m.